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Boating and Fishing on

private Daniels Lake in Alaska


Daniels Lake covers 621 acres, has 10 miles of shoreline. It is "T" shaped, the east-west leg is 2 miles long, the north south one a little less. Our 11 acres is in a cove at one end, our view looks down one leg of the "T". The lake is spring fed, creates Daniels creek that empties into Bishop Creek which empties into Cook Inlet about 6 miles north of us in Captain Cook State Recreation Area. Salmon follow the creeks to spawn along the shoreline next to our lawn in later Summer to Fall.


Daniels Lake is surrounded by private property, has no public access therefore is usually very quiet. For example, one fourth of July, we went out to test a new motor and saw about 8 mostly very small water craft. They weren't even visible from our property.

Daniels Creek gives rainbow trout a place to spawn and there is plenty of fish food from salmon eggs, tiny stickleback fish and bugs so it has a healthy population of native rainbow trout. That makes it one of the best lakes for rainbow trout fishing - right in our front yard.  Usually, they're 15-20 inches long and weigh 1-3 lbs. If you want to see the "big one" that was 6 lbs, it's mounted and on display at a Kenai restaurant. In the summer, we use spinners and troll or, if we want the quiet, turn off the engine and cast.


If you would like to explore we offer canoe, peddle boat or rowboat for free. Guests may also rent a motorboat with trolling motor. We also have fishing rods sized for the rainbow trout. If you own good fishing reels but don't want to transport a rod, you could pack your reel to put on one of our rods for your time here.

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