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Directions to Daniels Lake Lodge
 Nikiski, Alaska

GPS coordinates to Main house N60 43.463' W151 10.856'

Stay on the Kenai Spur Highway from Soldotna until our sign at mile 29.7

Don't believe it if your GPS tells you to turn onto side streets.

Usually, it directs you to a bear trail that doesn't work so well for cars. 

Daniels lake Lodge's Map - Daniels Lake Lodge/Kenai, AK/vacation rentals

Daniels Lake Lodge acreage is wrapped around the southern cove at the lower right end of the lake. It encompasses the two short roads from Halbouty Rd to the center of the lake cove (Drift Cir and Scotty's Ct). 

Daniels Lake has no public access so it stays quiet most of the time. It covers 621 acres with 10 miles of shoreline. It is "T" shaped, the east-west leg is 2 miles long, the north-south leg is a little less. Our 11 acres includes 500 feet of shoreline. The view looks almost a mile north from the southern most point of the lake. In one area, the lake is 110 feet deep but average depth is 30-50 feet. At the shoreline In front of us, the lake is shallow gravel where salmon like to spawn in late summer. At the end of our dock, depth is just above an adult's head. We discovered this when our niece stepped backwards off the end of the dock then quickly popped back up.

Daniels lake is spring fed, creates Daniels creek that empties into Bishop Creek which flows into Cook Inlet about 6 miles north of us near the entrance to Captain Cook State Recreation Area. Sockeye salmon (Reds) follow the creeks to spawn along the shoreline next to our lawn in later Summer to Fall.

Wild native rainbow trout make their home in Daniels Lake is so healthy lake that it has a wonderful population. Registered guests may rent a boat or canoe and use fishing rods for free. Each log cabin has a kitchen plus deck with gas BBQ to cook fresh fish.

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